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Our aims

Why are we doing this? 

As a society, we need to travel to meet friends and family and to conduct business – amongst a wide range of other things. Our current transport options provide a mix of convenience and frustration. Companies such as Google and Tesla are leading the way with driverless and electric vehicles but there are still plenty of opportunities to innovate further. We can create lighter weight cars for particular uses. We can examine how integrated renewables can be used as an alternative energy source.  Many cars are often left unused for the majority of the year – that presents opportunities, too. 

Best of British

Solar Team GB is a highly collaborative team, aiming to bring together the very best people living and working in the UK to creating a cutting edge solar racing car. 

The team is made up of people from multiple disciplines – and not just engineering and science. We have people from non-technical disciplines like project management, marketing, design and social media contributing to the effort. 

Our aim is to highlight the UK’s very best companies, talent and universities, whatever their contribution to the project. 

And that means diversity. We’re celebrating people who are British-based, and contributing to the social, commercial and intellectual life of the UK, rather than just those who are British by nationality. We’re also trying to build a team with age, gender and race diversity. 

Engaging the public

Solar Team GB isn’t just about the race. It’s about educating and inspiring the public about issues around sustainability, power, transportation and energy use. To support that, we’re planning a range of engagement initiatives that include:

  • STEM outreach to schools – the very nature of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge makes it an exciting subject to engage school children in STEM subjects – and we’ll be providing both resources and data for teachers to use with their students. 
  • Knowledge transfer – we will be partnering experienced professionals with younger ones, giving them the opportunity to learn from people they might not have encountered otherwise
  • We’re bringing our professional skills to this project with the aim of benefiting the planet and its residents. Because of that we’re planning ways of capturing and sharing the knowledge and designs we generate that could be re-used elsewhere.
  • We’ll be actively publishing updates on the design, development, building and testing of our car through this website, and a range of social media channels, to engage, educate and inspire the general public to think about the possibilities of solar power and electric vehicles. 



We’re out to have fun – this is a volunteer-led project – but serious fun. We’re taking this challenge vary seriously indeed.

Yes, we want to win.

Solar Team Great Britain is building a Cruiser Class car for the next race in 2017. Because we’re aiming to demonstrate the best of British engineering and to inspire and engage young professionals, we are setting out to build a car that will take first place in this class. We know we have the talent to build a solar car. Now we’ll find out if we have what it takes to build a winning solar car. 

Besides the competitive spirit, winning makes our education and engagement goals so much easier. It just makes sense to aim for the winner’s podium. 

The Sustainable Future Foundation

Solar Team Great Britain is part of The Sustainable Future Foundation, a UK organisation that seeks to inspire and engage the next generation of young professionals to use their time at work to address the challenges faced by the global population and leave a positive legacy for future generations. At TSFF, we believe that everyone has the opportunity to use their talent to achieve these goals and TSFF sets out to provide the environment to enable those changes to occur.

We have applied for charitable status.