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The Solar Team Great Britain car design - Jan 2017

The Solar Team Great Britain Kickstarter is live!

We’re already blessed by having a good number of great sponsors to help us get our car built and shipped to Australia – but we really want to give more people the opportunity to join in. And so, we’re launching a crowdfunding appeal on Kickstarter, to try and raise £20,000 to get us to the start line this October.

Here’s Solar Team Great Britain founder Steven Heape explaining what we’re doing – and why, in the Kickstarter launch video:

The range of rewards is terrific from a t-shirt or your photo on the car, through to a launch party with patron Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf fame, or a VIP day with the team – and the car.

How we’ll get there

The contributions from the Kickstarter campaign only make up part of the cost of funding the solar car. The team members and our sponsors will contribute the rest of the cash or in-kind contributions required to build, ship and get the solar car to the start line in Darwin.

Between now and October 2017 we still have a lot to do, such as:

  • finalising certain aspects of the design
  • procuring suppliers for some components
  • agreeing manufacturing partners
  • shipping arrangements
  • recruiting further corporate sponsorship.

Some of our budget costs may change which could mean the car on the start line is different from the one we envisage today. However, our ability to build the car and race it across Australia in no way affects our ability to deliver on the rewards we are committed to giving you.

STGB is an all-volunteer project – so we’d really appreciate your help in getting the money together we need to get our great design on the road. So, please consider backing us – and, if you can’t, please share our Kickstarter onwards, so more people can learn what we’re doing – and why.

Thank you!

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